Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ask the Expert Haircare :7 question to ask yourself before staring locs

7 Questions to ask yourself before staring locs

1. Is my hair in a healthy condition?

Some people have dry/damaged hair that need restoration before staring the locing process. Consider taking a few months to nourish your hair and scalp before you start locing.

2. Have I had a consultation with a natural stylist or loctician to determine the best method for my curl pattern, texture, lifestyle and budget?

3. Do I have a healthy self image?

Transitioning to natural hair or locs can be an emotion stuggle for many. Do a self evaluation to determine you feel about your natural hair is it positive, uncertain or negative? Reflections of Radiant Beauty is an empowering book offering insight on this unique topic.

4. Will I care for my own hair or visit a natural salon?

Learn How to Ask the Right Questions if your are considering a natural stylist

5. Am I committed to plant based hair care with ingredients like aloe vera, avocado and organic coconut to experience healthy, nourished locs without chemicals and artificial fillers?

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