Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chanelle's Natural Hair Journey

Hello Radiant Ones!

 I just want to share my  natural hair journey and the natural hair styles I am wearing since cutting my locs. I first transitioned from relaxed hair in 1994. During my freshman year in college at Temple. At that time, I made the choice to allow my hair to grow and embrace the natural curl pattern in all of that coily, kinky goodness! It was just that simple. I went to a barber and got a soft cropped haircut. Today it would be called the “BIG CHOP” 

I rocked my natural and I loved it! Before cutting my relaxed hair, I had a very healthy self awareness and self love. It was stress fress transitioning. I loved to keep my brows groomed, wear pretty accessories and lip stick. Those little touches helped me feel more feminine and girly what can I say. Overall it was a great start to my natural hair journey.

When it comes to natural hair styles I have worn everything from finger coils to puff afros, braids, blowouts and weaves. I have worn locs the longest. Check out some of of my locs styles over the years. I decided to start locs in 2006. My favorite loc styles were rods and my fly modern bob cut. I liked soft styles that moved. I cut the length of my locs twice, they grew so long I was ready for a change.

So in the Spring of 2011 transitioned from locs to loose natural hair and
started all over again!

I kept my hair close for about a year. Now it is growing beyond the twa. I love this length is feels so good. I can feel the multiple textures from the medium curly coils in the front to my ringlet type coils in the back.

This look is a quick natural hair style I did in about 1hr + 1 hr drying time. I have a busy lifestyle and I am enjoying my Indigofera Hair Care Ritual and my nourished healthy tresses.

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I will post again next week about how I use my Indigofera products and some natural hair styling tips

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