Monday, November 26, 2012

Noyek's Natural Hair Journey: Reviving Your Hair

Hello Radiant ones!

Noyek Here!

Now, my hair type is 4c, thick and coily. I love to do twist-out type styles. It spices up my basic fro every now and then. I twist my hair the night before using Indigofera Organic Hair Souffle. After I'm done, my twists are so pretty, shiny and moisturized. Each time I get really excited as if I hadn't just done these exact steps and gotten the exact great results three days ago. Yet, the issue doesn't come there, instead it's the next morning when it's time to take the twists apart. I always wake up to a dull version of the night before. So of course my first instinct is to rub a drop of oil through my twists and then proceed in taking them apart. It works fairly well, shiny but a little oily.

So, my natural hair care tip is: when doing a twist-out type style, braid-out, two-strand twists etc, when preparing to take the hair apart, first hydrate the hair with Indigofera Hydrating Mist, then take a drop of the Nourishing Hair Serum, rub it in the palm of your hands then throughout the hair. Now you are ready to take the hair apart and showcase your natural beauty!

Share your pictures of your great hydrated kinks, coils and locs!

Be Radiantly Beautiful,


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