Monday, December 3, 2012

Indigofera Inspiration: Midday Motivation

Everyone has a dream to be something magnificent. However, we don't all possess the ability to put it in words. Whether this is because you feel you don't have enough words to fully convey your vision. Perhaps you're not yet too confident to speak it into existence or any other reason you can't quite say what it is you dream to be. Don't let the inability to speak it into existence allow your dreams to fade away. Although words are powerful and your tongue holds the power of life and death, remember the breeding ground is your mind. So, if you cant just yet speak, I want you to imagine and then draw it. Transform the beautiful mental picture of your vision you hold in your mind into a physical picture you can see daily to keep you focused and before you know it, those words you've been trying to gather will began to flow with ease.
Source: via Cyndy on Pinterest
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