Saturday, December 1, 2012

Radiant Reflections : 2012 Journal and Affirmations

I am grateful for this present moment.
 I know everything is working for my good.

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Refelecting on 2012

I realize my 3 biggest challenges were: _________________,___________________,_______________

My conciousness is connected to my divine power and spirit. God's love surrounds me, there is nothing to fear.

I give myself permission to be my authentic self and live according to my highest values.


Today I can commit to change ___________________, _______________, and ______________________

I express self love, see my worth and invest in myself as I give to others.

My greatest life lesson this year has been_________________________

I open am expanding to limits of my mind. My possibilities are boundless.

The most amazing thing that can happen in 2013 is ___________________________

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  1. I agree- God is the center of everything and prayers is more powerful than we can ever imagine. Thanks for your post, this make me strive harder for 2013 as well.


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