Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 Ways to Revive your Soul for Summer

   You hear a lot of buzz about renewal and change during January. But guess what summer is also a great time to start afresh, be inspired and give your life a mini makeover. If you follow Indigofera you know we love all things inspirational! Life can come at you hard, so I want to share a few ways you can revive your soul for summer.

1. Take inventory
     Consider what is really happening in your life. Are you living authenically? Where are you most at peace? Are you honoring your mind, body and soul?

2. Ask the question
  What am I willing to try, change or remove in my life to attain wholeness? Be honest with your self. Now may or may not be the time. Just know only YOU can change the course of action in your life.

3. Revisit what make your  feel most alive
 Sometimes when can get so caught up in things that leave us empty. Perhaps that thing for you is a person, place, job, habit or belief. Think back to what once made you feel alive. Or pursue new things that bring the spark back in your life. I love to dance. It has been a while since I have gone out and took a swirl in a pair of heels. Don't underestimate how simple things can make a big difference.

4. Take a challenge
Who wouldn't take advice from a sister who calls her blog the Happy Black Woman. I had the pleasure of meeting Rosetta Thurman in D.C. for the Arete Magazine Launch Party. Recently one of her tweets attracted my interest and I took  a closer look at her blog. Ready to Reset your Life in 31 Days check it out.

How are you reviving your soul?

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