Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chanelle's Moisture Ritual for Dry Black Hair

Hello Radiant Ones!

The most common question black women ask me is,
 “What can I do about dry hair?”

Dry hair just like dry skin is a challenge for many African Americans. If you are someone is have very dry skin chances are your scalp and hair are very dry as well. I learned a long time about the importance of avoid detergent soap on my body. Commercial, chemical soaps and products were harsh, drying, ineffective and sometimes irritating. The Simple Genius of Plant Based Beauty and Hair care is the gentle, nourishing, therapeutic benefits of how it can gentle cleanse, moisture and restore us naturally.

The first photo is when I cut my locs after 5 years. My hair was so soft, healthy and was not dry. I was committed to plant based hair care and beauty for almost 10 years. In that time, I experienced a total healing of my dry scalp condition and effortless hair growth ( See my 7 Secrets to Grow Black Hair). The second picture is my afro growing out after just a few months. I took the picture right after my Cleanse, Restore, and Nourish Ritual. I noticed how healthy and shiny my hair looked. I believe you can enjoy the same benefits. It just takes the consistency, a customized ritual that works for you and common sense hair care.

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